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“If you are ever fortunate enough to meet Putnam Smith or better yet to hear him play and sing, don’t be surprised if you too begin to feel like stepping into the past.”

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updated April 3, 2019

Introducing: The Early Risers!

After playing together for over three years, and tours that have taken us clear across the country, Ashley Storrow and I have finally taken things to the next level by starting to perform under our new duo name: The Early Risers.  Stay tuned for the new website, new shows, and….(drumroll please!)…a new album!

Kickstarter Fully Funded!

Actually, it gets even better: thanks to our fabulous Kickstarter backers,  we surpassed our goal of $8,000, and raised nearly $9,500!  Recording is now underway.  The tracking is nearly complete.  Now, it is on to editing, mixing, mastering, design and promotion.  Stay tuned!


Making Life Sweet
Filmed, recorded, and edited by Great Sky Media.  This tune features a new song off the upcoming Early Risers duo album with Ashley Storrow.

All in Good Time
Original song, inspired by the old-time traditional tune “The Cuckoo.” Featuring Ashley Storrow on harmony vocals. Filmed and edited by Tyler Lienhardt.  May, 2016.

Cast Iron Pan
Official video — shot “on location” at Putnam’s log cabin, and on the streets of Portland, Maine. Filmed and edited by Connor Garvey. Dance choreography by Katy Jayne, featuring the Amazing Cast Iron Pan Street Dancers! May, 2013.

The Stars Will Line Up Someday
Recorded and filmed by Beehive Productions at the Recovery Lounge in Upper Jay, NY. Featuring Sorcha on harmony vocals and Jo Sorrell on cello. September, 2012

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