"If you are ever fortunate to meet Putnam Smith or better yet to hear him play and sing, don’t be surprised if you too don’t begin to feel like stepping into the past."-- FolkAlley.com
the tennesse sessions

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Introducing: The Swamp Brothers -- "The Tennessee Sessions"

The Swamp Brothers debut album is NOW AVAILABLE!!  Who are the Swamp Brothers, you may ask?  After three weeks swapping songs till 4 a.m. in Putnam's log cabin in Maine, the Swamp Brothers (aka Putnam Smith, Steven Bacon, and Nate Spencer), were formed.  These sessions, recorded at Steven's place outside of Knoxville, Tennessee, captures the spirit of the Swamp Brothers  at their best.  Recorded in a matter of days, on a vintage analog reel-to-reel set up, this album captures not only the feel of their vintage banjos, guitars, and mandolins, and tight three-part harmonies, but also the joy of three friends getting together to share what they love most in the world.  



After a year long 'sabbatical' from touring, I am very excited to be back, with a whole slew of new tunes, preparing for my next season back out on the road!  This summer/fall, I'll be recording the new tunes -- though be prepared for a rather different kind of album!  I'll be recording in my cabin on a vintage reel-to-reel tape recording rig, stripped down and raw.  Think Springsteen's Nebraska, or Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago.  It's gonna be different, it's gonna be good...


Songwriting Workshops

One of the things that I've been working on during my 'sabbatical' from touring over this past year, has been developing songwriting workshops for youth.  From the art of songwriting to the history of American folk and roots music, to a week-long residency on social justice songwriting, I've been working with teachers and students to create dynamic programs that engage as well as edify.  Workshops can even be tailored to specific novels, non-fiction texts, or units already in a curriculum!  Workshops can even help your school meet it's Common Core State Standards (for music and/or English language arts).  Check out my new WORKSHOP page, which goes into the details of what might work best for a classroom near you! 


If you're new to the Putnam Smith world, check out these accolades for the latest release, 'Kitchen, Love..."  (Itchy Sabot Records, 2013):                          


"It will be on rotation on your summer play hit list for months to come." - Portland Press Herald

"Putnam Smith's music flows easily, sweetly, like a spring hidden in the woods..." - Sara Willis, Maine Public Radio



"The music itself draws elements from the roots of American music, featuring some beautiful clawhammer banjo playing, but is also informed by today's modern songwriters. Putnam's music isn't anachronistic or archaic, it's just heavily informed by a sense of reverence for our shared past and a deep abiding love for the future pathways of American music." - No Depression


 * WDCB Chicago's "Folk Festival's Fabulous Fifteen Faves of 2013"  (Ranking in at #8!)

*Song "New Shoes" #11 on Tupelo Honey's Best Songs of 2013 (KRVM-FM, Eugene, OR)

*#14 Album on national Folk DJ Charts (June, 2013),  "Succotash" #10 song 

*Song "Succotash" Included in Best of WUNC-FM's compilation CD "Back Porch Music" 


Getting Radio Airplay all over the country -- and the world!  I've now learned of "Kitchen, Love..." hitting the airwaves literally all over the world: Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, California, Louisiana - I even just had a friend tell me that he was driving across Iowa, and heard me on Public Radio out there!  Want to hear it near you?  Call up and request!  Here's a partial list of some of the stations already giving the new album airplay:

WUMB, Boston, MA

WXPN, Philadelphia, PA, Gene Shay Folk Show

WRIU, Kingston, RI

Maine Public Radio, "In Tune by Ten" with Sara Willis

WERU, Blue Hill, ME

WMPG, Portland, ME

WETS, Johnson City, TN

WMKY, Morehead, KY

WOUB, Athens, OH

WFHB, Bloomington, IN

WGSC, Goshen, IN

WDBM, E. Lansing, MI

WYCE, Grand Rapids, MI

WKUT, Austin, TX

WRVM, Eugene, OR

KSMF, Ashland, OR

KBCS, Bellevue, WA

WDBX, Carbondale, IL

Iowa Public Radio, "The Folk Tree" (Sundays, 1-5pm)

WUVT, Blacksburg, VA

WKSU, Kent, OH

WVPE, South Bend, IN

WRKF, Baton Rouge, LA

WSCS, New London, NH, "Out of the Woods" Show

WZFR, Chico, CA

WESU, Middletown, CT, "Acoustic Blender" show

WEFT, Victoria, Australia

WLRN, Miami, FL

WWUH, West Hartford, CT

WTMD, Towson, MD, "Detour" show

WTUL, New Orleans, LA, "The Folk Show"

WFDU, Teaneck, NJ, "Traditions" show

WYEP, Pittsburgh, PA, "An American Sampler" show


And many more!  Have a favorite tune? call up and request it!  A lot of these places, you can email in requests, too!  Oh, and do me a favor: if they play it, post it on my facebook page!


Cast Iron Pan
Official video -- shot "on location" at Putnam's log cabin,
and on the streets of Portland, Maine. Filmed and edited
by Connor Garvey. Dance choreography by Katy Jayne,
featuring the Amazing Cast Iron Pan Street Dancers! May, 2013.

The Stars Will Line Up Someday
Recorded and filmed by Beehive Productions
at the Recovery Lounge in Upper Jay, NY.
Featuring Sorcha on harmony vocals and
Jo Sorrell on cello. September, 2012.

Road Food Foraging, Vol. 2: Autumn Olives
Filmed off I-84, on my way back from playing at the
Connecticut Folk Festival, another adventure in
Road Food Foraging. Features the song "Succotash."
Video was edited and put together by Dave Kopperman.
June, 2013.