With April Reed-Cox on WCSH's "207"

With Ashley Storrow and April Reed-Cox, Tri-Centric Showcase

With Ashley Storrow

With Ashley Storrow

The Swamp Brothers
(Putnam Smith, Steven Bacon, Nate Spencer)

Telling a story @ my Formal Showcase, NERFA 2012

Formal Showcase @ NERFA, 2012, with April Reed-Cox, 
Sorcha Cribben-Merrill,  and Erica Brown

Home at the cabin

Showing the gardens to Stash Wyslouch

NERFA conference, w/ Nate Spencer and Connor Garvey

Me and Nate

Me & Thee Coffeehouse

Arootsakoostik Festival

Grandpa's instruments

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival

Letterpress Printing CD Jackets

W/ Mariel Vandersteel, Christopher St. Coffeehouse, NYC

W/ Tricky Britches

Falcon Ridge

Ginkgo's Coffeehouse, St. Paul, MN

The Beekeepers Trio: Mariel, me, and Seth Yentes

W/ Vanessa Torres

W/ Pesky J Nixon, late night at Falcon Ridge