Putnam Smith - "99 Desires"

99 Desires  (2016)
In the autumn of 2015, with only a vintage reel-to-reel recording set up and a couple of decent microphones, I holed up in my log cabin in Maine, and  proceeded to lay down the tracks for what would become this album. Using a spinet Cable-Nelson piano (on indefinite loan from an old friend), my grandfather’s 1925 Martin guitar, a fretless banjo, and a borrowed accordion, I went about recording these tunes, in as simple and spare a manner as possible. Features the harmony vocals of Ashley Storrow. Includes the songs: “All in Good Time”, “If I Had a Time Machine”, “Let’s Give a Damn” and “Gotta Go Where the Love Is”.  LISTEN

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The Swamp Brothers - "The Tennessee Sessions"

The Swamp Brothers: The Tennessee Sessions  (2015)
After three weeks swapping songs till 4 a.m. in Putnam’s log cabin, the Swamp Brothers (aka Putnam Smith, Steven Bacon, and Nate Spencer), were formed. With three part harmonies and acoustic Americana instrumentation (guitar, banjo, mandolin), the Swamp Brothers is an acoustic trio of songwriters, blending lyrical craft with a vintage sound. This album was recorded at Steven’s place in Seymour, Tennessee, in the space of two days, on a Tascam 388 analog reel to reel. Features the songs “Food on the Table”, “Troubleville”, “Arkansas”, and even a version of the old classic “Hard Times”.  LISTEN

Putnam Smith - "Kitchen, Love..."

Kitchen, Love…  (2013)
Featuring the cello playing of Seth Yentes and April Reed-Cox, Erica Brown on fiddle, upright bass, percussion, and a brass section! Vocal harmonies of Sorcha, Connor Garvey, and Heather Styka. Includes the songs: “Cast Iron Pan”, “Succotash”, “The Stars Will Line Up Someday”, “Emily Dickinson” and many more!  LISTEN

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Putnam Smith - "We Could Be Beekeepers"

We Could Be Beekeepers  (2011)
Featuring the Putnam Smith Trio: Seth Yentes on cello & Mariel Vandersteel on fiddle. Also features vocal harmonies of Jenee Halstead and Connor Garvey. Went to #2 on the national Folk DJ Charts (June, 2011). Song titles include “Arkansas”, “The Birds Would Understand”, “I Dream of Apple Orchards” and a couple traditional Appalachian tunes, too.  LISTEN

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Putnam Smith - "Goldrush"

Goldrush  (2009)
My ‘break-out’ album, making it onto 6 different ‘Favorite albums of 2009″ lists. Features Seth Yentes on cello, vocal harmonies of Sorcha, upright bass of Adam Frederick, and percussion of Zak Trojano. Songs include: “Full Moon, Baby”, “Lawnmower Repair”, “Goldrush”, “i think it’s almost summertime”, “Wouldn’t Need this Whiskey” and many more!  LISTEN

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Putnam Smith - "this blue"

this blue  (2007)
My first studio album , which I like to describe as “red wine melancholy.” Kind of Iron & Wine meets Ben Folds with an Appalachian groove. Recorded in San Antonio, TX, features Seth Yentes on cello; also featuring fiddle, pedal steel, and Sarah Jessop singing harmony vocals. Songs include: “Reese Witherspoon is His Queen”, “Settle Down with Me”, “Hummingbird Song” and “Not Why I’m Blue.”  LISTEN

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