If I Had a Time Machine
Filmed, recorded, and edited by Beehive Productions. Filmed live at the Folk Alliance International Conference, February, 2016. Features the original song "If I Had a Time Machine" on the new album
"99 Desires".

All in Good Time
Original song, inspired by the old-time traditional tune
"The Cuckoo." Featuring Ashley Storrow on harmony
vocals. Filmed and edited by Tyler Lienhardt.
May, 2016.

The Cuckoo (traditional)
Filmed, recorded and edited by Beehive Pro, during the
Folk Alliance International Conference,
Kansas City, Missouri.
February, 2016

Cast Iron Pan
Official video -- shot "on location" at Putnam's log cabin,
and on the streets of Portland, Maine. Filmed and edited
by Connor Garvey. Dance choreography by Katy Jayne,
featuring the Amazing Cast Iron Pan Street Dancers!
May, 2013

The Stars Will Line Up Someday
Recorded and filmed by Beehive Productions at the
Recovery Lounge in Upper Jay, NY. Featuring Sorcha
on harmony vocals and Jo Sorrell on cello.
September, 2012.

Road Food Foraging, Vol. 2: Autumn Olives
Filmed off I-84, on my way back from playing at the
Connecticut Folk Festival, another adventure in Road Food
Foraging. Features the song "Succotash." Video was edited
and put together by Dave Kopperman. June, 2013.

This Mountain Ain't My Home
Live at One Longfellow Square,
Portland, Maine, February, 2012.
With Mariel Vandersteel, fiddle
and April Reed-Cox, cello.

Lawnmower Repair
Live on Portsmouth Community Radio, 
January, 2010. With Connor Garvey.
The Bartender's Elsewhere
Music video featuring my print shop, where
I print the covers to my CDs on a 1901
Pearl Letterpress. Edited together by
Adam Kuykendall.

Road Food Foraging (Part 1)
Alternative ideas to what you might think
a traveling musician would eat while out on
the road! Featuring the tune "I Dream of
Apple Orchards." Edited by Connor Garvey.